Monday, April 27, 2015
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Centre of Excellence Shree Narayana Hospital are a Centre of Excellence in medical services and infrastructure which makes it unique and concern of health care service for every patient looking for perfection and quality services. We at Shree Narayana Hospital provide special health care with world class unique features...
Our Services Shree Narayana Hospital offers personalised caring services for our diversified society. The services are redefined with dedication and compassion, as we believe in the concept of giving world renowned excellent health care services which is somewhere in the need of individuals. And for it we have invested...
Our Specialities We offer more than 30 super multi specialities along precise diagnosis lab, advance blood transfusion bank, 24 X 7 emergency services and ambulance which one of its kind in central India, we proud to introduce us as one of the biggest health ailing centre.The multi specialities offered by our renowned...

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Dr. Sunil KhemkaWe are moving on the track of curing, therapeutics, kindness and healthy life through our proficient doctors and renowned consultants, without them it could not be possible to establish health junction in central India. More

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Shree Narayana Hospital - sense of better life, with an idea to established trusted landmark for diversified society and individual, who had been looking final destiny for their ailment. It is one of the central India’s largest multi super speciality hospital located at Raipur, capital of Chhattisgarh with various featured health relating control services. The institution is founded by Dr. Sunil Khemka of its trust on humanity, aims to empower patients need with dimensions of modernized infrastructure, using state of the art technology, expert’s consultants and kind nursing staffs. more

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